The ACM Programming Competition

On the 14th of November this year, I went to the Pacific Northwest regionals of the ACM programming competition.

That’s our team coach, Dr. Bowen Hui, my teammates Emerson and Ashley, and myself. The competition was hosted at the beautiful SFU Surrey campus in Vancouver. Food was provided throughout the event alongside lots and lots of coffee, as to be expected from a room full of programmers. There were a lot a interesting and challenging questions. We ended up solving 6 out of the 11 questions, getting 31st out of the 75 teams in our division.

We were very close to getting one additional question, but it was failing on some edge-case that we just could not discover. I am proud of how we performed as a team that has never participated in a programming competition before. The next time we compete I am confident that we will do even better.

You can check out the exact standings and questions for any year here.


I went back to the ACM programming competition in 2017, this year it was hosted at the UBC Vancouver campus. I participated in division 1 with my teammates Xingyu and Jeff. Division 1 has more difficult questions than division 2, and the winners will have a chance at the world finals hosted in Beijing. We ended up getting 10th place which I’m more than happy with considering there were 72 teams competing in division 1 and 166 teams overall.

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